Diary of Wild-Weekends

06th May’18

6 May18

This Sunday’s nature walk led me to see some new birds that I didn’t see before and some new views into the lives of some already known-birds.

  1. Greatly enjoyed the sight of a sun-drenched golden oriole, a brightly colored bird itself, as it explored a dead branch for its breakfast. 
  2. Found an over-sized fledgling Bulbul (yellow-vented) pestering its mom for more and more food. 
  3. A handsome, eagle-like bird, I think its a short-toed snake eagle, led me to where it was perched by its kite-like calls. And I found it in the company of another raptor of apparently a different species which perplexed me. I need to check it out with experts.
  4.  That brightly colored, Stork-billed Kingfisher made its appearance as I was about to enter Sungei Buloh Wetland reserve. If it were not for a butterfly, that didn’t see before, I would have missed the king.