Went in search of Raptors 🦅 & found a Reptile🐍

Last Saturday I made up my mind to visit Choa Chu Kang Cemeteries – been postponing it for sometime due to my inherent aversion for such places – in the hope of sighting some raptors there. I heard Jerdon’s Bazas, Common Buzzards and flocks of Oriental Pratincole were seen around this area before. I reached the place, simmering under 2 O’ clock sun with beautiful blue skies and mountain-like silky white clouds.

CCK cem clouds

As soon as I stepped on to the path 7, I saw something moving in the adjacent grass patch and it turned out to be an Indian Pond Heron.


Indian pond heron
Indian Pond Heron

I wasn’t stealthy enough to prevent it from flying off with just one clear shot of it.

After that, all that I saw were an unidentified  raptor that looked like a black kite, a pair of white-throated kingfishers, a pair of bee-eaters and two butterflies. Except for the butterfles – a Dark Brand Bush Brown & a Common Evening Brown – all else were far off.


Common Evening Brown 👆🏿





Dark Brand Bush Brown 👆🏿

I left the spot and walked the footpath along the busy Old Choa Chu Kang road scanning the roadside vegetation for signs of avian life. But saw none other than the ubiquitous myna.

I was walking back to the bus stop where I alighted at first when I felt like clicking at some cute looking wild fruit 👇


I caught sight of a yellow creeper almost underneath these cute, little fruit and realized that the “creeper” was actually a yellow Oriental Whip snake which seemed to throw all caution to winds before falling asleep on the open road side where it would be visible to those with bird’s eye view. Anyways, I was happy to be blessed with my 4th snake sighting in about two months and second of a whip snake in two weeks.

yellow whip 2yellow whip 1DSC_0877

I wrapped up my nature walk for the day with a hope that I would have greater luck at Sungei Buloh wetlands the next morning. I would have to wait before a raptor decides to grant my wish. Little did I know that a member of the raptor community was going to fulfill my wish the next morning …. just as I was stepping out of my home on that Sunday morning …🦅😍


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