A butterfly🦋on a bus🚌 without a ticket

This is the second time I came across a Grass Yellow butterfly in trouble in a span of about two months. The last time I tried to extricate another beauty of the same species from an abandoned spider web (Hope the 🦋Grass Yellow🦋 flies again!!). But today I had to force it out of a bus in which the butterfly was travelling without a ticket.

I was travelling home in a city bus after the weekend visit to Sungei Buloh wetlands and few stops before mine I saw this Grass Yellow flitting around inside the bus. It was probably getting buffeted by the cold air flowing out of the numerous air conditioning outlets in the bus. The tropical creature – Eurema Blanda Snelleni or Three Spot Grass Yellow occurs in India, Sri Lanka and South East Asia – must be feeling quite uncomfortable with the never-experienced low-temperature of the bus’ interior.  At least, that was my feeling as one who is never comfortable with the unnecessarily-cold temperatures of city bus interiors. Fortunately the bus was almost empty and thus was quite safe for the butterfly in that its chances of getting hurt by people’s movements were almost nil.

Butterfly on a bus

In its disparate search for an exit out of the moving trap the delicate creature came towards where I was sitting, went towards my feet and came up twice. I could feel its agony but had no clue as to how it could be helped. I can’t think of any rescue unless it settled on a window or a seat. I was just watching. Then the butterfly did something that seemed to indicate that I read its thoughts and that I was right.


It went and settled at a place that showed butterflies could read and understand English. It settled on the emergency exit door of the bus. It was as if the Grass Yellow was saying –

“Yes, you read me right, I want to get the hell out of here. Into the open world and into the freedom to do what Mother Nature had ordained for me. I didn’t go through all that metamorphosis, that mental and physical transformation from a greedy, creepy caterpillar into a delicate beauty, just to die a cold death inside a fuel guzzling, CO2-emitting mobile trap that your race is proud of .”

But then it was far from my seat and I wondered if I would be able to catch it without injuring it. Probably it read my thoughts too. It took off , came towards me and settled on the glass window onto which I was leaning. To my surprise that was a an emergency exit too. And, at the same moment the bus stopped and the next stop was mine. Instinctively I was preparing to take a snap of it but then I quickly changed my mind and delicately held the Grass Yellows wings between my thumb and index finger. I alighted the bus with my beautifully-delicate cargo. I would have loved to have my pic taken with the second Grass Yellow that Mother Nature allowed me to put out of misery. Hope the butterfly felt the same too. But I was alone in the bus stop and left hand was not free. And the butterfly gained its freedom.

It is said that sincere feelings are heard by god and that when he makes up his mind to respond he has his own ways to do so. Today he felt I, as a Nature Lover, was best placed (in the bus 😄 ) to do his work.

Bye4Now. I will be back soon with another story that happened today, almost immediately after this butterfly episode.




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