Yesterday evening I had a taste of my ‘animal’ instinct again. That ‘again’ is because of the previous experience of Kingfisher🐥🐤Kinship . At around 1630 hrs something whispered in my mind’s ear that I should get out with the camera. It didn’t tell me where I should go or what I would find. My feet understand the directions of the instinctive mind better than my brain. Where they took me I will relate in my next post. Let me first share what I saw on the way.

Its an interaction between two smart birds that can be seen almost everywhere in Singapore, a Javan myna and an Asian Glossy Starling. To my ornithologically-untrained eyes Javans seem to have more curiosities than a bird of its size should have and when it comes to food they leave almost nothing unexplored. So it was not at all a surprise seeing him👇perched on the canal side railings but it was somewhat of a surprise to know that he had some scheme on his mind.DSC_0054

Asian Glossy Starlings, belonging to the same family Sturnidae that the mynas fall into, are seen foraging more in the tree canopies than on the ground. At least that is what my observations so far tell me. Starling3Maybe, its time to change my opinion about Asian Glossies as what I saw seems to suggest Glossies do sometimes get tired of their frugivorous diet and alter it with some protein rich food. That’s what a brief but hostile-looking interaction between the two members of the Sturnidae family seems to suggest.


I first saw the Glossy busy scooping an unlucky snail that most probably attempted crossing the track in a wrong moment out of its shell. MG1


I didn’t know the nearby myna’s casual look was actually disguising some ulterior motive in its mind until …………….

MG2….. the Myna switched to an intrusive posture and the Glossy equally quickly took a defensive position.


The first round of attack seemed to favor the myna and the Glossy. though it took a quick defensive posture appeared to have faltered. mG3Probably it was still in the shock of being attacked by a family member😉 during the first round.

But in the second round, it did something and that something was blocked by the Myna trying to look larger than its real size.


It remains a mystery what transpired between the two birds but suddenly the myna lost interest in the snail and looked away.MG5


What stopped the fight?

Was it a recognition that they both belonged to the same Sturnidae family😉? Impossible.


Was it a realization that the shell was already empty of its contents?😊 More probable.

Only God and the Myna know the truth.

But a happy Asian Glossy Starling made off with its prize catch, leaving its larger cousin ….MG6…. the usually assertive and more aggressive Javan Myna immersed in some deep thought.

That is the first of the few things that my instinct prodded me to capture in my camera, Stay tuned for the next post for the star-find of that 27th May evening.

Bye4Now 😊🙏


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