DNA = Diversity is Nature’s Agenda

via Photo Challenge: Twisted

Twists make life, in fact the existence itself, what it is, Fascinating. Whether it is the twisted arms of a spiral galaxy or the double helix of the human DNA, the creation seems to be obsessed with twists. Some say it even favors a certain Golden Ratio in creating its life forms. But I don’t want to give a fantasmagorical twist to this my humble post.

The greatest twist that makes our beloved mother nature so chaotically beautiful is her penchant for diversity. Diversity, whether of form or of character or of ideas or of action, is at the root of perpetuation of life.  And, it’s the diversity in thoughts, words and deeds of variously evolved groups of humans that established humans as the most successful species to inhabit the earth.

Thats👆what my mind was going through, in an attempt to equate diversity to the twisted-ness inherent to the workings of mother nature and thats when it occurred to me that DNA has a more down to earth expansion than the dry, technical-sounding DeoxyRibonucleicAcid – I learnt a new word, backronym, in the process of knowing the antonym for the acronym, DNA. Apparently backronym was coined to refer to a fanciful expansion of an existing acronym. And that fancifully down-to-earth backronym that I think I could claim credit for is :

DNA = DIVERSITY is Nature‘s Agenda


That’s how the challenge, Twisted, twisted my thoughts this Wednesday. And, I think, it wouldn’t look nice without some interesting natural twists finding place on this post –

  1. An artistic twist that finds perfection in its own reflection  – A Black Swan in Singapore’s Botanical GardensTwist01
  2. A funny-looking twist that this young water-hen mother had to perform in reaching its nest, high in a bamboo bush, at Singapore’s Botanical Gardens.Twist 02
  3. A care-free twist that this apparently jubilant Painted Stork took in the skies above Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Singapore.Twist03
  4. And, a nasty twist that could have resulted in a painful, if not fatal, twist in my life had been coming in my direction. Not sure if it is a cobra or a python but it chose to cross my neighborhood canal instead of crossing my path. It must have thought it was avoiding a twist and I definitely thought I escaped one. Twist04



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