Elixir of Life : An Eternal But Gaseous Love 😊

via Photo Challenge: Liquid

Only one liquid comes to mind when one hears the word liquid.

Pegion flight

A liquid that owes its birth to the eternal love between two gasses and

the liquid that –

  • Gives life to a drop of blood
  • Fills inspiration in a cup of coffee
  • Whispers poems through the gurgles of a rivulet
  • Sings and Dances in the form of a waterfall
  • Turns, with a touch of sunshine, into an ethereal rainbow
  • Makes the Mother Earth a lovely Blue planet

liquid 2

Yes, I am talking of that liquid, that elixir of life, that gives life to this world and adds beauty, inspiration and energy to life.

A Winged🐦Zebra, A Jogger🏃 and Me🙋‍♂️

Liquid 1



Battering Bee-Eater and A Fluttering Butterfly


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